Conway Game Of Life algorithm in a Python Notebook
Convex Hull Problem in a Python Notebook
Traveling Salesperson Problem Algorithm in a Python Notebook
scrubadub - anonymize text and replace names, urls, etc with tags
PrettyPandas - render Pandas dataframe to nice readable table with currency, percent, etc.
segtok - tokenize text to setences and words for european languages
Using Word2Vec for sentiment Analysis
Descriptive example for NLP technic Word2Vec
Alternate label encoders for scikit-learn
Let's try: Ordinal, One-Hot, Binary, Helmert Contrast, Sum Contrast, Polynomial Contrast, Backward Difference Contrast, Hashing
XGBoost tutorial in Python
Understand how we can use XGBoost with Python

and configure:
and Tune Learning rate:
and with AWS:
Dask — Distributed Machine Learning in Python
Distributed scikit-learn
Tensorflow: Tutorial de Martin Gorner
Wendelin - Hadoop alternative in Python
9 popular ways to perform Data Visualization in Python
How to submit a package to PyPI
Very clear and simple tutorial to create and submit a PyPI package
Deploying Python projects with Docker
Look at the Dockerfile to understand deployment strategy
Some nice ML-libraries in python
XGBoost, Sofia-ML, Vowpal Wabbit
Detecting text language with python and NLTK
Categorizing text with n-gram (python)
Pygal — Python simple charting
A lot of charts for iPython ! Maps, line, pie
Google doc like for Machine Learning in Python
Write a doc, with code and dataviz in Python!