10 Algorithms Machine Learning Engineers Need to Know
Cookiecutter Skeleton for Data Science
Cookiecutter = skeleton/template (like yeoman)

This is a version for datascience
Alternate label encoders for scikit-learn
Let's try: Ordinal, One-Hot, Binary, Helmert Contrast, Sum Contrast, Polynomial Contrast, Backward Difference Contrast, Hashing
XGBoost tutorial in Python
Understand how we can use XGBoost with Python

and configure: http://machinelearningmastery.com/configure-gradient-boosting-algorithm/
and Tune Learning rate: http://machinelearningmastery.com/tune-learning-rate-for-gradient-boosting-with-xgboost-in-python/
and with AWS: http://machinelearningmastery.com/train-xgboost-models-cloud-amazon-web-services/
Book R for Data Science
The Book "R for Data Science" is online.

To learn datascience with R
Dask — Distributed Machine Learning in Python
Distributed scikit-learn
Tensorflow: Tutorial de Martin Gorner
Classify unstructured text in category and subcategory
A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning
Understanding XGBoost Model on Otto Dataset
Very simple explanaition about XGBoost
Biere et couches… un exemple mythique du data mining - Florent Masseglia
Infinite Juke Box - Indefinite Smart loop on music
Detect pattern and loop forever on your favorite mp3
List of Machine Learning Algorithms
thumbnail All ML Algorithms, sorted by type
Shiny - Webapp for R
Create webapp with R code to visualize data
Some nice ML-libraries in python
XGBoost, Sofia-ML, Vowpal Wabbit
Deep Learning Tutorials
Deep learning algorithms are complex neural networks and discover features automatically
Google doc like for Machine Learning in Python
Write a doc, with code and dataviz in Python!
Outils de la Data Science - Xebia
How to use Panda, Numpy and Matplotlib
Usefull for machine learning.