share/sharedb: A database frontend for concurrent editing systems
lightgallery.js - A beautiful image gallery plugins
All featured
Gnancraft : Coder dans Minecraft, en JavaScript
Botkit - Create a bot with NPM
Create a bot. Support slack
Vega: A Visualization Grammar to design chart
Icon Animations Powered by mo.js | Codrops
D3plus - Charts on top of d3
Dashing - The exceptionally handsome dashboard framework.
Create dashboard for big screen, with Ruby and JS
ESLint - JavaScript linter
Best linter for Javascript (better than JSLint, JSHint, etc.)
CasperJS, a navigation scripting and testing utility for PhantomJS and SlimerJS
CasperJS has simple function to command PhantomJS and scraps data.

Could be controlled with SpookyJS
Master AngularJS
Discover AngularJS
Pushwoosh - Push Notifications Service
Push notification to test
TheaterJS - Animate text like a human write
Write text progressively like a human
retire.js - Analyse Javascript code for vulnerabilites
Check vulnerabilities on javascript source. Node module & chrome plugin
Traduction des tutoriels de Scott Murray sur D3.js
Better.js - Strong object for JS
Object typing, private variables for JS.
Only for DEV, remove for PROD
scrollReveal.js | Reveal elements as they enter the viewport.
Reveal and animate elements when they are visibles

Very small librairy
vivus - Animate the path of a SVG
To make progressive line drawing
Liste de tags pour Bootstrap
Liste de tags pour bootstrap avec typeahead et de la coloration