Using Word2Vec for sentiment Analysis
Descriptive example for NLP technic Word2Vec
10 Algorithms Machine Learning Engineers Need to Know
Cookiecutter Skeleton for Data Science
Cookiecutter = skeleton/template (like yeoman)

This is a version for datascience
Alternate label encoders for scikit-learn
Let's try: Ordinal, One-Hot, Binary, Helmert Contrast, Sum Contrast, Polynomial Contrast, Backward Difference Contrast, Hashing
XGBoost tutorial in Python
Understand how we can use XGBoost with Python

and configure:
and Tune Learning rate:
and with AWS:
Book R for Data Science
The Book "R for Data Science" is online.

To learn datascience with R
lightgallery.js - A beautiful image gallery plugins
All featured
Apache Drill - Aggregate multiple heterogeneous datasource
Schema-free SQL for Hadoop, NoSQL and Cloud Storage
A very good Material Design Theme for Bootstrap
How to install CUDA Toolkit and cuDNN for deep learning on AWS
Dask — Distributed Machine Learning in Python
Distributed scikit-learn
Canva - Logiciel de création graphique ultra simple
Tensorflow: Tutorial de Martin Gorner
Wendelin - Hadoop alternative in Python
nfroidure/gulp-iconfont: Create icon fonts from several SVG icons on localhost
Vysor - Control Android Phone from your Desktop
Zeplin - Extract assets from design
SuperScript - A language for writing Chat Bots
Dialog system for bot in Node.js with sentiment analysis, pos tagger, etc.
Gnancraft : Coder dans Minecraft, en JavaScript
Download every videos with command line